Teggs Nose Fell Race 5th August 2017 14:30

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Teggs Nose Fell Race 5th August 2017 14:30

Postby Simon » Mon Jul 10, 2017 7:32 pm

It's July again, folks... looking for volunteers to help with the Tegg's Nose race from the Sheepdog Trials.

This year, Sam Alston who (amongst other things) organises the Bosley Race, has taken on the overall responsibility for the race, but I am still involved and looking to muster support.

As in previous years, this post sets out the plan for marshalling and for the day.

I apologise if I have overlooked anyone's offer of help, but please post below to slot into vacant positions.

Current offers of help: Hazel, Mark Messenger; Dave Tucker; Jude Whitehall; Dave Parry (probably to sweep); John Burt; Matthew Burt.


ORGANISER / EMERGENCY CONTACT: Sam Alston (07768 176306) / Simon Cartledge (07709 261715)
Please advise me of any retirements / non-starters / injuries / concerns. In the (very unlikely) event of an emergency, dial 999 and the call handler will advise you as to what to do. The Grid references and postcodes are to aid the Ambulance service in navigating to your location. Stop passing runners to assist if needed or to call my number and an adjacent marshal to assist... numbers are all here and reception in the vicinity is generally good.

This pretty much covers the risks of slips, trips and falls... the most likely and that's fell running!

There will be cattle in the fields of Jarman Farm near the beginning and end. I have seen David Bullock (the farmer) and he is confident that the cattle are VERY placid and do not constitute a risk to passing runners. The race details state NO DOGS and everyone will be reminded of such at the start / registration. There should be no other livestock issues and there are marshals at all gates.

The road crossing at Byron's Lane (and less so at Broadcar Road) carry traffic risks. The route has signage stating "CAUTION RUNNERS". A PCSO or two will be at Byron's Lane for the outward leg, to be a presence of authority, though our marshals are expected to do the talking in the first instance.

On Broadcar Road (Point J), there is a risk over enthusiastic runners propel themselves into the road on the return leg... hence a marshal at that point...

I'll revisit this in the next few days,



A – Gate leaving Trials Field onto Bullocks Lane Postcode (GR 923 716):
Sheepdog personnel should open gate. Stop the traffic coming down Bullocks Lane. After the start, move up the road a few yards towards the finish gate. Ensure this is opened to allow race to re-enter trails field down the lane to finish. Ensure cars entering / leaving the field do not interfere with the finishers.


B - Junction of Bullocks Lane and Byrons Lane Postcode: SK11 0HA (GR 923 719):
Stop traffic for the outward leg of the race and calm traffic for the returning runners.


C – Entrance to Jarman Farm from Jarman Postcode: SK11 0HJ (GR 928 716):
On outward leg ensure runners enter farm and are directed to bear right. On return, ensure runners do not run into the traffic.


D – 1st gate on Jarman Farm Postcode: SK11 0HJ (GR 929 716):
Open gate but ensure livestock does not leave the field.


E – 2nd gate on Jarman Farm Postcode SK11 0HJ (GR 932 716):
Open gate but ensure livestock does not leave the field.


F – Gate at boundary of Jarman Farm, adjacent to new kissing gate on public
Footpath Postcode : SK11 0DG (GR 937 716).

Ensure runners find their way to gate and direct them on to path.


G – Gate onto Pyegreave Farm Postcode: SK11 ODQ (GR 934 719).
Direct runners to the right through gate.


H – Gate between Pyegreave farm and Higher Blakelow Farm Postcode: SK11 0DQ (GR 934 723).
Direct runners up hill.


I – Gate onto Coalpit Lane Postcode: SK11 0AQ (GR 942 725):
Ensure runners do not run into any traffic. Have drinks station set up.


J – Crossing Coalpit Lane up drive to Teggs Nose Farm Postcode: SK11 0AQ(GR 942 725).
Ensure runners do not run into traffic on way out and the way back.

MARSHAL: Kath Turner (07706 884394)

J #1- 1st Gate into Country Park Postcode: SK11 0AQ (GR 945 728).
Ensure runners go through the gate, up the hill on the way up and, on their return from follow the path to THEIR left and go down hill...NOT go right for a second lap!


K – Gate in Teggs Nose Country Park Postcode: SK11 0AP(GR 947 729).
Lift gate off it’s hinges (not as bad as it sounds!)

MARSHAL: Greg Turner (07734 887292)

L – Gate at bottom of long grassy descent onto Crooked Yard Road Postcode: SK11 0ND (GR 951 727).
Ensure runners do not run into traffic and that livestock does not leave the field.


M – Top of steps on bridleway, where race re-enters Country Park Postcode: SK11 0ND (GR 950 724).
Direct runners through small gate on their right.

MARSHALL: Dave Tucker (07760 403975)

N – Top of path from Teggs bottom car park Postcode: SK11 0AP (GR 948 721).
Direct runners to their left as they reach the top of the climb with the half-truth,
“It’s all downhill from here!”.

MARSHAL: Jude Whitehall (07753 454935)

Timing Funnel crew:

Bear in mind, depending on the precise location, an incident between points M and N might be more accessible from Teggs Bottom Car Park, off Holehouse Lane, Langley. SK11 0NB.

Thank you for your help!

Again, all proceeds (was £369 last year) will go to MIND...the mental health charity.

Many thanks.


07709 261715
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Re: Teggs Nose Fell Race 5th August 2017 14:30

Postby markfmessenger » Mon Jul 10, 2017 9:13 pm

Hi Simon/Sam,
I'm here this year so happy to marshall or help wherever needed.
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Re: Teggs Nose Fell Race 5th August 2017 14:30

Postby BARRY BLYTH » Tue Jul 11, 2017 10:19 am

Hi Simon,
hope to be doing the race but as usual I can help with marking out etc on the Friday night. Presume you will send a note out on this beforehand . Suggest Sam joins us for that.

Cheers Barry
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Re: Teggs Nose Fell Race 5th August 2017 14:30

Postby Hazel » Wed Jul 12, 2017 9:31 am

Hi Simon/Sam, happy to help with registration
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Re: Teggs Nose Fell Race 5th August 2017 14:30

Postby Simon » Fri Jul 14, 2017 8:04 am

Mark and Hazel, thanks a lot....I'll edit the rota as the day approaches. Barry, yep, be great to mark the course with you on the Friday (usual drill; meet up on Broadcar Road, mark the route and adjourn to the Dunny). I'll see if Sam wants to join us...should be very sociable.

Many thanks again y'all.

...still a few vacancies to fill...tell your friends!
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