Mystery of the missing banner

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Mystery of the missing banner

Postby thebunyans » Wed Aug 17, 2005 11:15 am

I've just found out that the website is falling victim to over zealous filtering of images by Norton firewall software.

Norton tries to provide a service by blocking what it thinks are adverts. However it does this in a very clumsy manner - one of which is to delete any reference to files called "banner.jpg" - and that is what I had called the main banner picture at the top of the site. I've now renamed it on the home page to check it is now visible.

Note that Norton also deletes images from web pages if they are of certain sizes that are associated with ads!

If you are running Norton, you may therefore be missing out on valid content and I would advise you to consider turning off ad blocking, or get a decent firewall package!

Here's some links for any other webmasters that describe the "problem"...
Problem description:
Turn off ad blocking in Norton:
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